Chapter History

In 1962 the Gamma Eta Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau was chartered in a small brick house off of the Southwest corner of 3rd and Rotary in Greenville, North Carolina. The charter members led by Barney West helped create one of East Carolina University’s elite chapters. During the 1970’s charter members relocated to a symbolically important house across the street commonly referred to as the “white elephant”. In 1971, Phil Privette and other forward thinking chapter members of Gamma Eta made direct negotiations with Lucy Flicken to purchase the current Phi Kappa Tau residence located at 409 E Elizabeth St. Gamma Eta’s purchase included two acres of land along with a fourteen bedroom mansion. During the first years of the current day location of Gamma Eta renowned bands such as the Embers were known to stop by along with 30+ pledge classes. The 1970’s also were leaders on campus with thirty member pledges classes alongside stellar grade point averages. In the 1980’s Phi Kappa Tau continued their excellence towards fellowship by hosting largely successful philanthropy events. In the 1990’s brotherhood membership reached in the the upper ninety’s. Many Phi Tau members ran important positions throughout campus. Phi Tau’s have been editor in chiefs for the East Carolinian, influential members of student government and stellar members of East Carolina University's athletic squads.Since the turn of the millennium, alumni relations have greatly impacted the prosperity of Gamma Eta. Finical contributions led by Nicky Francis, Marc Farthing and other significant Gamma Eta alumni have raised over 250,000 dollars to improve the Gamma Eta residence.  Other key alumni contributions including Dr. David Ozag, Cherry Stokes and countless other Gamma Eta alumni have made great strides to the personal development of members Phi Kappa Tau. With the backing of Alumni, Gamma Eta brothers of the new millennium have reached pledge classes in the twenties while also hosting several highly successful philanthropy events which have raised over $5,000 dollars for charity. Today the property, with 500 feet of road frontage on Elizabeth Street, still holds the same swagger as it did when first purchased in 1971. Gamma Eta located at 409 Elizabeth Street has been the home-away-from-home for hundreds of Phi Tau's since 1971 and continues to champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character.